picture taken in a CruzinCobGlobal workshop, 2018

Upcoming Workshops

Build a COB COTTAGE at Ayla Retreat Center, Costa Rica,  February 12th – March 5th

Introduction to natural building at Festança Festival in Baiåo, Portugal, August 2nd to 6th

Build a COB SANCTUARY in the hills of Orgiva, Spain  September 2nd – October 7th


Workshop Description

 What to expect?

In a full build 5 week workshop you will learn how to build the foundation, walls, floor and green roof of an earthen Tiny House. Practical and theoretical lessons will teach you to apply this newly learned skill, when building your own project anywhere in the world.

Next to learning natural building, there will be yoga and other movement classes, singing circles, sharings and other activities to balance body and mind and to connect.



  • site assessment according to permaculture principles
  • Assembling material
  • Using recycled material
  • Soil testing
  • Making cob
  • Building load bearing and non load bearing walls
  • Other eathen building techniques
  • Inserting lintels, door and window frames
  • Connecting different types of foundations with cob
  • Integrating furniture(shelves,tables, niches, etc) in walls
  • Sculpting
  • Basic installations for cables and pipes
  • Making and applying earthen plaster
  • Earthen floor
  • building a reciprocal roof structure
  • installing a green roof


7:00-8:00 Movement Practice/ Meditation

8:00-8:45 Breakfast

9:00-1:00 practical Class

1:00-2:30 Lunch

2:30-5:30 practical and theory Class

5:30-7:00 free time

7:00-8:00 Dinner


8:00-9:00 group activities

From Monday to Friday we will follow the daily schedule of practical and theory classes in the morning and afternoon, three delicious, fresh and vegetarian meals, movement practice in the morning and other group activities like singing and cacao circles, dance, meditation etc. in between. The schedule is flexible and will be adapted according to the weather and our flow. Weekends are off for you to rest or explore.

Week 1 : creating a drainage trench and building a rock foundation and pouring an earthen floor

Week 2 and 3:  making cob, building walls, fitting in furniture and sculpting.

Week 4 :  making and applying plaster

Week 5 : reciprocal green roof


Get ready for an intense, physically demanding experience! Our cob building courses require basic fitness and active participation from every group member. From start to finish, we’ll guide you through the entire building process, ensuring an immersive and transformative journey.


Are you ready?

Join us as we challenge ourselves, push boundaries, and witness the raw materials transform into a beautiful cob structure. It is an amazingly empowering experience and you will come out even stronger and fitter!!

Contact us to know more or to sign up.